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Review of All Wintermoor Tactics Club

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In my honest opinion, there are important reasons why tactical games don’t always get the attention they rightfully deserve, and all of these reasons are fair. Some games are fun, but not particularly full of history. This gives the title more of a board game feel and it will polarize from the start. In other matters, they are too complicated.

My rule of thumb with fun strategy games is the “easy to learn, hard to master” approach. You don’t need a library of rules and a Million menus to navigate just to have a good time. Finally, and this is probably one of my personal error bears, is that this is a very easy to copy and paste Genre. The mobile market is overflow with tactical games and they are all practically the same, with some small improvements to repel copyright violations. All that being said, I can happily say that the Wintermoor Tactics Club is a breath of fresh air.

Let’s address the points I just touched on as we go. Now I feel like I’ve given myself something to prove. Let’s look At The Story first, shall we? The Wintermoor Tactics Club is located in the Wintermoor Academy. a private school. Like many schools, it is important to feel involved, which makes school clubs a must. You and your friends form the tactical club. Three role-playing monsters who meet to play curses and catacombs, your favorite game.

The principal decides in the true spirit of the school that there will be a competition between all the other Wintermoor clubs to determine who is the best. However, there is a catch; the winning club will be the only Club because all the others will be dissolved. Of course, you don’t want it to be you, so you use all your tactical knowledge to smack your opponents in snowball Actions. Without going into details, Enfield has something more shameful than hitting teenagers. So your task is to survive the competition, survive the school and find out what is happening.

The Wintermoor Tactics Club is focused on history in the most beautiful way. There is a Visual Novel that expands as you play, and you really fall in love (or hate) the different characters you meet. In addition to the tournament, you also need to remember that you are at school, so this is a great way to help other children with various tasks to earn Brownie points and more tangible things like items and upgrades for your party. You should also keep in mind that in many matters your rivals are also your friends and that you don’t really want to see them perish either. The juxtaposition of helping your enemies because you’re all doing something you don’t want is going well.

We really have to mention the other clubs. They’re not the most obvious ones you’d think of. You will face the psychic detectives, the equestrian club, the Magical Student Council and many others. Each of them has its own reviews and individual connections with history. Literally nothing feels boring or copy/paste and it’s really nice to see.

Let’s move on to my next point. Wintermoor Tactics Club definitely has a board game feel to it in the tactical elements of the title. However, the difference between this and other games I’ve played is that it’s supposed to have that feeling. We are talking about a group of characters who play tactical games, so it makes sense to move the characters like miniatures on a board.

The basic Gameplay matches the environment rather than being something that has just been built because it works. It helps tremendously in the flow of the action. You never feel like you drop the narrative to action a little bit, it’s all part and parcel and that’s something I really like. I also like the fact that some parts of the game are located in the fantasy space of the table, and others follow the same idea, but in real life during snowball action. Everything is done very skillfully.

Is the game intuitive? In a word, yes. The controls are smooth and easy to learn. Apart from the world of C&C and real Action events (snowball actions), everything else is point-and-click, so no problems. Something else I like is that the character is not in the foreground; the story is. This means that you don’t spend all your time confront with classes and equipment. As I mentioned earlier, completing side quests gives you equipment and skills. The number of things you have to juggle is deliberately limited so that you can just enjoy the fun.

You can play C&C whenever you feel that you want to do something different. As part of the main story, the characters learn to solve real-life problems in this fantasy kingdom. You will also get more difficult challenges that you will have to overcome by the way, and this is another great way to unlock Goodies.

The only other negative I can see that might scare people is that there is obviously a lot of reading. Fans of tactics who just want to get into the Action without a background can get frustrated. However, it must be said that in practice this is only a tactical game, it is basically based on stories. Since The plot is in the first place, it should be understood from the very beginning.

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