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Fuhrer in LA Special Edition

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When I volunteered to examine Fuhrer in Los Angeles, I thought I would get something completely different. The description that was sent to me obviously described another game, but accidentally landed under this title. What I thought was a strange game about animals turned out to be a strange game about Hitler. And if that doesn’t tell you what you need to know yet, keep reading.

At first it seemed to me that Fuhrer in Los Angeles was a stealth game, and to some extent this is also the matter. In most stages, you play as the leader of the title and try to move to untouched places. Stealth is useful, but not always feasible. The action is as simple as possible; you have a one-button melee strike by default, which can sometimes be replaced by a gun. The gameplay is varied thanks to a few vehicle-based stages, but overall I didn’t have much fun with any of the stages. It looks more like an old Flash game than a modern indie game or a inexpensive mobile game.

In fact, it’s exactly that; Fuhrer in Los Angeles is originally a mobile game. And the only reason you want to play on PC is the graphics, which are certainly unique. No pixel art here; apart from the top-down perspective, it kind of reminds me of old photos. He certainly stands out, but is also a little upset about the Audio. We shout a lot in French, without subtitles. I realize this is all supposed to be comical, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get boring.

If you think a game like this would be worth a laugh, give it a try. it’s just a few dollars. But you won’t find much depth or replayability, and there are only a handful of levels. Fuhrer in Los Angeles is very much aimed at the small niche of gamers who have fun making fun of Hitler, and although there is no one in history to make fun of better, it is not a great game.

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